Dean Message

Prof. Dr. Shazra Munnawer

“And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colors: verily in that are Signs for those who know” (Al Quran, Surah Ar-Room, Ayah 22).

NUML, being essentially a language university, embarked upon the program with this motto. Importance of languages in this global world cannot be denied. If on the one hand languages promote inter-culturalism and pluri-lingualism, they also provide opportunities for better understanding of other peoples’ literatures and arts. Excellence in languages through research is a gateway to understanding human activity, thought, reason, and communication of ideas in this global world.
Research is becoming increasingly important to professional development and career advancement. Research graduates are important to our state, region, nation, and world as an investment in economic and workforce development, by creating knowledge and advancing discoveries, and by serving as mentors and educators for undergraduates and others.
NUML’s Higher Studies program is geared for those who love to think, write, teach, debate, to pursue their passion and create impactful knowledge. It is in the most elite tier of all programs, developing knowledge that informs and influences the world. From day one, the focus is not only on teaching students about a functional area, but on training them to understand what good research is and how to execute it over a lifetime. NUML’s doctoral students work in an environment of intellectual intensity with faculty members who have graduated from leading universities all over the world and are active in research.
It provides a forum for research students to take advantage of the opportunities for collaborations and interdisciplinary interactions across 17 academic departments and to translating their body of work for real-world solutions through inquiry, investigation and research. Maximizing research-oriented faculty-student interaction is a critical ingredient of the program.
Most humbling, however, is how alumni feel about the profound and wonderful transformation of their lives because of the opportunities available to a NUML Ph.D. recipient. They speak of the quality and accessibility of the faculty, the support of the staff, administration and the program's flexibility that are the landmarks of the program. They also highlight that the integrated nature of the program provides flexibility and allows students to draw on classes and resources from other departments across campus. They also remark that the program, though challenging, helps students reach positions they aspire to. If it is enormously gratifying to each member of NUML’s family of scholars, it is a matter of pride to register the placement and accomplishments of our alumni and their remarkable ability to contribute to cutting edge scholarship long after they graduate!
It is with this view that Postgraduate Alumni Association has been formed, named ‘NUML Alumni of Postgraduates’ (NAPS).